UK Local Elections 2017
UK Local Elections 2017 (Foto: BBC website)

The combined Media onslaught and self-sabotage in the Labour Party pays off

lunes 08 de mayo de 2017, 03:10h

08MAY17.- The results of the Local Elections in Britain are in, and it is not good for Labour. Of course its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will be blamed, of course the right wingers within the party will shout ‘I told you so’, of course the Media, which has been carrying out an intense and slanderous campaign against him, even worse than his political enemies, will take no responsibility for people losing faith in the only person (or team) who could change radically the direction of the suicidal economics enacted by the present Government.

The General Election is looming, threatening an even worse disaster in a few weeks time as it anticipates a ‘landslide’, which will give Prime Minister May (literally ‘married’ to the City – London Financial District – via her Banker husband) a completely free hand to complete the destruction of public services – health, education, housing and welfare. She has also expressed a desire to commit to Trump’s homicidal foreign policy, starting with Korea but going much further if need be. She has also responded to Corbyn’s qualms about sending nuclear missiles to destroy civilians with a statement that she has not problem with doing exactly that.

What is happening then, in the hearts of the people who vote for the most self-destructive options?, for the Tumps, the Le Pens, the Mays, the Dutertes of this world?

Is the power of the Media, instilling fear and paranoia against potential enemies so potent that only having thoroughly uncompassionate leaders makes them feel ‘safe’?

This wave of vicious governments taking power all over the world is a disaster for humanity. I do not normally agree with Prof Hawking curiously apocalyptic announcements. Today he tells us we have 100 years to get out of this planet. Inevitably this looks today like a reasonable thing to say.

Well. No! I can see where he’s coming from but it is precisely now that activation against this corrosive direction should take place in the thoughts, feelings and actions of the whole of humanity. Active Nonviolence has all the tools to change direction, it only needs people to commit to it.

Apathy is no longer an option.

Silvia Swinden

Pressenza IPA

Creative Commons

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