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05JUL17.- Thousands marched yesterday in London to oppose the ongoing austerity in the UK which has left health services, education, police, fire services, welfare and housing in a state of crisis. Addressing the crowd Jeremy Corbyn said: “I say to any public sector workers in Northern Ireland or anywhere else – don’t have any illusions in these people, when they started the austerity programme they meant it and they meant it to carry on.

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25JUN17.- It was curious to observe how much of Jeremy Corbyn’s successful campaign to rebuild the Labour Party was about foreign policy. Wars, he said, make us less safe, not more. Agreeing with him were: the obvious facts of the matter, voters in opinion polls, and apparently voters in their votes.

08MAY17.- The results of the Local Elections in Britain are in, and it is not good for Labour. Of course its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will be blamed, of course the right wingers within the party will shout ‘I told you so’, of course the Media, which has been carrying out an intense and slanderous campaign against him, even worse than his political enemies, will take no responsibility for people losing faith in the only person (or team) who could change radically the direction of the suicidal economics enacted by the present Government.

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30MAY17.- Amid sorrow of Manchester bombing, UK Labour Party leader explains why actively building peace is requisite for ending such horrific and inexcusable carnage in the future.

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