The Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago, the First European Cultural Itinerary

miércoles 22 de octubre de 2014, 11:21h
The Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago, the First European Cultural Itinerary

The Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago, the First European Cultural Itinerary, is one of the greatest treasures shared by all Europeans. Part of the cultural and moral heritage not only of the West but of the whole of mankind, this ancient route has been followed by millions of people from the Middle Ages until the present day.  

The audiovisual exhibition Memories of a Pilgrimage reflects the recent journey made by photographer Manuel Valcárcel and musician Alejandro González, both native Galicians, along a pilgrimage route that boasts a long-standing history buried deep in the roots of tradition. A contemporary journey that aims to discover - through all five senses - the most intimate spaces of historic sites that have the capacity to unlock much of mankind's cultural memory. 

This exhibition portrays an intense journey filled with experiences that take us through Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Northern Spain and along the Pilgrims’ Way in Galicia. A unique pilgrimage in which both artists show their sensitivity to towns, villages and routes that are steeped in cultural and religious tradition, bringing to the fore realities that often go unnoticed or unheard, drawing attention to situations and circumstances that impact directly on the lives of those that live along the pilgrimage ways, and the simple lifestyle of the towns and cities on the route. 

In 2010 and 2011 this exhibition completed its own pilgrimage to several European cities – Sofia, Bucharest, Zagreb, Santiago de Compostela-, before continuing in 2012 to visit France and now Australia.  Memories of a Pilgrimage is in essence an exhibition that reflects the cultural wealth of a Europe that has grown up around the Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago de Compostela and which is guaranteed to inspire a host of emotions and feelings in everyone that visits it.

Image's author: Manuel Valcárcel

Event Details:

Instituto Cervantes. 22-24 City Road. 2008 Chippendale NSW | See it in Google Maps
02 Jul to 28 Sep 2012

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