Trending: Fashion as a Way of Life

Trending: Fashion as a Way of Life

lunes 26 de septiembre de 2016, 13:40h
Trending: Fashion as a Way of Life

26SEP16.- Bloggers, influencers, commercials, new entrepreneurs ... hundreds of people and professional profiles are around events like the Fashion Week, presentations, or shows where they think there is an opportunity to turn a hobby into a "paid job"(It IS work, already) and spend hours, days, weeks, months, years .. pursuing their dream.

Julia Serrano
Julia Serrano
Noting times when "it seems that nothing happens, but life happens", a phrase by photographer Marc Riboud (who learned the art of photography as an autodidact), is becoming my "hobby".

I can not master this "trend" of mine of "see what is there but no one sees ... and tell about it"

This does not mean that during the Fashion Week parades I have not notedthe upcoming collections, colors, textures, inspiration from designers, but my "Vocation" makes it impossible not to capture the whole environment, the same as in other events that I have the good fortune to attend, and my skill (and luck) of telling about later.

It is fashionable the concept of "personal hobby", without actually being aware that "Hobby" comes from a vocation (that is too big, right?). It relates to something that you can not avoid... "by vocation she entered a convent." This said, "Hobby" takes on an importance in which little choice is left to said person.

The vocation can master your life; Can a hobby too?

Who has not ever wondered what the thousands (millions perhaps) of bloggers, influencers or "new entrepreneurs" do for a living?

The truth is that either a reality "that is there, but nobody sees" (or that nobody wants to see) in which I agree with Juan Ignacio Crespo, an economist who predicted the crisis, in which it is perceived and felt that we are still immersed in it, or the new trend to seek "quality of life" (believe me that is the biggest "trend" that i have observed in my travels around the world), the fact is that most people who attend these events do not get renumbering.

Moreover, this means spending in accommodation, diets, etc,... without even knowing if they will be allowed to entry

In cyberspace of Fashion Week, where Instagram and/or Twitter "walking accounts" with an anxious look ask everywhere for passes to spare for any parade, I have come to recognize the true "influencer" (which are none other than the sponsors of the event itself).
Everything else ... I think it is "air" and vocation.

This description of the environment does not come from a sense of superiority (by no means), but from personal knowledge and the certainty of decisions in this life, sometimes, we can not or do not want to avoid it. I made my mind a long time ago: travelling, asking questions, writing ... living. And "life" encompasses everything to me; art, history, fashion, food ... I dare any subject, I find everything interesting and perhaps through my experiences I reach the goal of any writer: to "touch" the reader.

Readers that begin to read you and want them to finish the text ... it is not easy, nor it is making this a profitable hobby

These days, between parades, I have seen as the pursuit of happiness is innate in humans ... between bloggers and influencers and thanks to the time they have dedicated to answer my questions, It is possible for me to answer some issues circulating on the networks:

● I have 10,000 followers in Twitter, instagram ... is it possible to monetize?
● What is the difference between the account of "Dulcinea" and my account?
● How can i get followers?
● How far should I go for "my project"? When should I stop? what
price am I willing to pay?

There are many questions without objective response:

1- What do you understand by 'monetize'?
Most people has this as a"hobby" and they get an "Extra income", but nowhere near anything stable to reach the end of the month.

2- "Dulcinea" and you ... the difference?
Emphatic: the professional team that surround these succesful “influencers” is definitely out of our reach: writers, editors, stylists, photographers...

She is good (no doubt about it), she is enigmatic, attractive, charismatic ... but there is a thousand 'good ones'

This is about to be seen, and this requires a team of professionals. So I answer the other question, followers will be proportional to your "presence" in the social networks, something you have to spend a lot of time in. It's exhausting and you are at the risk of becoming "virtual", taking contact with the reality only in that cold moment in which you post that picture that will feed your social network the rest of the day.

3- Putting limit to the investment of time and money for our dreams?

This is a question that only you can answer.

Factors such as family or personal or professional circumstances are those that they must determine if you put limits on "your madness" Seen from the outside sometimes it is considered "crazy" ... seen from the inside it would be crazy "Going against your own nature”.

People who patiently answered all my questions, which have given their experience in this virtual world to draw some overall conclusions, they are also willing to answer yours.

Because if something they have in common apart from persevere in their projects, is the generosity with which they share their knowledge.

They have authorized to publish their data and accounts because they are aware of the loneliness that sometimes
entails pursuing a dream ...

They know that, for many, networks are "the dream"

Ana Dominguez. Director for “Fashion Ladies”: @anadom75
Twitter Fashion Ladies: @FashionLadiesES
Instagram Lynn Quanjel: @whoisthatblonde
Twitter Paloma Sadki: @PalomaTrends
Twitter Julia Serrano: @byjuliaserrano

A Hug,

Maica Rivera


Maica Rivera (*)
She is writer of travel and tourism, and has worked for a long time on radio, local TV of Andalusia, fashion magazines, local newspapers and shared space with great professionals of the media from whom she has learned, as she points out, the ins and outs of this professional scene.
As a usual traveller, she likes to know different places and imbibe their culture and customs that she later turns in newspaper articles with a personal stamp and a vision of 'direct witness'. He has written about food, culture, fashion, economy and travel and believes that the best way to generate progress is the creation of synergies among the different sectors which lend their enthusiastic support for tourism projects, fashion and above all, culture. She points that a society without culture is doomed to stagnation. Maica Rivera lives between Madrid and Córdoba - Andalusia.
Lynn Quanjel
Lynn Quanjel
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