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Reino Unido & Irlanda

by Ireland Pop-Up Radio

03OCT18 – MÁLAGA.- George Campbell was born in Co. Wicklow. He died in 1979 but for the last 27 years of his life he spent 5 months of each year in Málaga, Spain. He became an integral part of life in Málaga and to this day there is great affection felt for Campbell.

Cuarto centenario del asesinato en Madrid del rebelde irlandés O’Sullivan Beare

Por Jesús Caraballo

26SEP18 – MADRID.- Donal Cam O’Sullivan Beare es uno de tantos rebeldes que huyendo de la persecución de las autoridades británicas que sometían a su patria, Irlanda, buscaron refugio en España. Este año se cumple el cuarto centenario de su asesinato en Madrid, a manos de un esbirro de la monarquía inglesa.

El folk fusión de Kíla encabeza el cartel del XV Irish Fleadh

  • El programa completo se presentará oficialmente en un evento el 4 de octubre en la Embajada de Irlanda en Madrid

20SEP18 – CACERES.- El grupo Kíla, procedente de la zona de Dublin y que fusiona la música tradicional irlandesa, encabeza este año el cartel del XV Irish Fleadh de Cáceres (del 25 al 28 de octubre), cuya programación completa se desvelará el próximo día 4 en una presentación oficial en la Embajada de Irlanda en Madrid.

ELearners worldwide invited to discover the iconic ‘Book of Kells’ through Trinity’s free online course

  • New online course to explore the history of Ireland through one of the world's most famous medieval manuscripts

Dublin September 11th, 2018 — A new, free, online course developed by Trinity College Dublin will allow learners worldwide to explore the history of Ireland through the remarkable Book of Kells — one of the world's most famous medieval manuscripts.

By José Antonio Sierra - Spanish Assistant, Trinity College, University of Dublin

11SEP18.- On the first of November a 1969 a meeting of teachers of Spanish took place at Trinity College Dublin to found the Spanish Teachers Association, thus fulfilling one of the recommendations of the previous conference.

  • The rise of ‘barbaric nationalism’ and the global migration crisis will be the focus of the 2018 Humanities Horizons lecture delivered by Harvard’s Professor Homi K Bhabha in Trinity College Dublin on Monday, September 24th, 2018.

29AUG18 - DUBLIN – IRELAND.- One of the most important figures in contemporary postcolonial studies, Professor Bhabha has published numerous works exploring postcolonial theory, cultural change and power, contemporary art and cosmopolitanism. He is Professor of English and American Literature and Language as well as Director of the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University.

Home buyers on Spain’s Costa del Sol getting younger and younger

By Staff Reporter
  • THE average age of property buyers in Marbella has plunged to a record low of 42 years old.
  • A report by estate agents Lucas Fox Marbella also found foreign interest in Costa del Sol properties is on the rise.

27AGO18.- Foreign buyers have contributed to 31% of this year’s home sales, a 3% rise from 2017. Many of these buyers are entrepreneurs or CEOs, citing their ability to work remotely as a reason for moving.

Green party in Spain calls for ban on monsanto-developed herbicide linked to terminal cancer

  • SPANISH green party Equo is demanding an ‘immediate ban’ on the herbicide Glyphosate which has been linked to terminal cancer.

27AGO18.- The call comes after American courts ordered the manufacturer to compensate a victim who fell prey to the disease after exposure to the product. Developed in the 1970s by Monsanto, now owned by pharmaceutical giant Bayer, Glyphosate has been denounced on multiple occasions due to its negative effects on the environment and human health.

Weekly Report

Business over Tapas (Nº 270)

  • A digest of this week's Spanish financial, political and social news aimed primarily at Foreign Property Owners: With Lenox Napier and Andrew Brociner. Consultant: José Antonio Sierra

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MAGALUF: Drunk partygoers
MAGALUF: Drunk partygoers

  • The Balearic Islands government is set to crackdown on boozy all-inclusive trips in Mallorca and Ibiza

By Elisa Menendez

23AGO18.- BRITISH holidaymakers are in for a surprise with free alcohol on package holidays set to be banned in Spain. The Balearic Islands government is set to crackdown on boozy all-inclusive trips in Mallorca and Ibiza by bringing in new regulation.

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