Pilar Iglesias Aparicio wins the Kate O’Brien prize

Pilar Iglesias Aparicio wins the Kate O’Brien prize

  • Of the Maria Zambrano Centre of Transatlantic Studies of the University of Malaga with a work on the repression of women in Spain and in Ireland. The amount of this award is 1,200 €

sábado 27 de marzo de 2021, 19:12h

27MAR21 – MÁLAGA.- The María Zambrano Centre of Transatlantic Studies UMA-ATECH of the University of Málaga has awarded the first Kate O’Brien Prize of the Centre of Transatlantic Studies of the University of Málaga to Pilar Iglesias Aparicio, doctor in English Philology from the UMA, for her work “The Magdalene Launderies in Ireland and the centres for the Protection of Women in Spain: examples of the sexual repression policy and the punishment of women”.

According to the judges it “was an exhaustive study which fulfilled all the requirements and was in keeping with the stipulated regulations of the prize. It threw light on an atrocious sociocultural phenomenon which should have been given much greater publicity and which still needs to be thoroughly investigated. The socially necessary study was carried out by comparing two catholic countries which used religion as an instrument of repression against women”.

The award winner received her prize at the hands of the deputy director of AMZET who was also a member of the evaluation committee Magdalena Martín Martínez and the Assistant Vice Rector for Investigation of the University of Málaga, María Zaida Díaz Cabiale.

The commission, which noted the high quality of all the works presented, awarded a second prize to the work entitled “In Word and Deed’: Literature and Revolution in Modern Ireland and Spain–1913-39”, by James Heaney, from Carlow College (Ireland), They found it particularly interesting in the way it compared the conflicts in Spain and Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. The study was carried out by comparing four important authors: Patrick Pearse and George W. Russel for Ireland and Rafael Alberti and Manuel Azaña for Spain.”

This award which focusses on the relations between Spain and Ireland has as its itheme, literature and/or women and the perspective of gender. It is sponsored by José Antonio Sierra and comes with an endowment of 1,200€.

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