Photos of the graffiti murals drawn by the Spanish artist Rubén Sanchez in Beirut

Photos of the graffiti murals drawn by the Spanish artist Rubén Sanchez in Beirut
miércoles 22 de octubre de 2014, 11:21h

Within the framework of the collective exhibition of Urban Art «Grafika. 30 Artists From The Young Spain», conceived by Contemporánea and presented in Lebanon by the Cervantes Institute in Beirut, the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon and the Audi Foundation, from 13 to 30 April, 2011 at Villa Audi

The Spanish painter and graphic artist Rubén Sánchez drew two graffiti murals in Beirut

-The first one on April 12th in a small street of Gemmayzé near Martyr’s square

-The second one on April 13th on a wall of the premises of the Cervantes Institute in Beirut

Rubén Sánchez has also conducted a workshop titled “The Street As A School” at the ALBA (Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts) on Monday April 11th, that aimed at “making the students aware that any kind of material can be used for artistic expression.”

Dans le cadre de l’exposition collective d’art urbain «Grafika. 30 Artistes De La Jeune Espagne», réalisée par Contemporánea et présentée au Liban par l’Institut Cervantes de Beyrouth, l’Ambassade d’Espagne au Liban et la Fondation Audi du 13 au 30 avril 2011 à la Villa Audi, le peintre et artiste graphique espagnol Rubén Sánchez a réalisé deux œuvres murales-graffitis à Beyrouth :

La première, le mardi 12 avril dans une rue du quartier de Gemmayzé, non loin de la place des Martyrs

La deuxième, le mercredi 13 avril, sur un mur des locaux de l’Institut Cervantes de Beyrouth

Vous trouverez ci-joint deux photos de ces peintures murales/graffitis

Rubén Sánchez a également animé à l’ALBA le lundi 11 avril un atelier intitulé «La Rue Pour Ecole qui avait pour objectif de « prendre conscience que n’importe quel matériau peut nous servir comme moyen d’expression artistique. »



Rubén Sánchez

1979, Spain. He lives and works in Catalonia (Spain)

Rubén Sánchez is a painter and a graphic artist. Self-taught in whatever he does, and inspired by skateboard, flamenco, jazz, animals and classical artists of cubism, Rubén has managed to assert his powerful graphic style (often with a subtle touch of humour) which is reflected through all of his projects, be it the illustration, drawing, animation, video, or graffiti. He is the artistic director of Alai Skateboards, and he has collaborated on brands such as Enjoi, Makia, Eastpak, Lego, or Circa, for which he has developed his own model of sneakers. He has exhibited his work on walls and Spanish and European galleries.

“At the age of 8, I fell in love for the first time. Not of any school girl, but of the orange skateboard that belonged to my brother. Since then and to this day, I remained faithful to the skateboard, with a harem of a thousand different skates, stickers and T-Shirts that unconsciously instilled me a graphic culture of freedom, revolt, color and non-conformism.

At the age of 13 I discovered graffiti, a tool which fitted very well with the skate, since they both use the street as a scene, and they share this fragile equation freedom/legality that attracted me at the time, and that differentiates us so much today from the masses of offices grey costumes who stroll about the cities. I owe everything to both these activities, because I never could afford studying in a school of art or design.

In this workshop I will try to explain the transition from spray to acrylic, the reuse of found items, and the shift from wall to canvas, from the street to the workshop.”


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