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Crédito foto: pexels.com

6 Steps To Maintain The Good Condition Of Your Hemp Flower

viernes 03 de marzo de 2023, 16:21h

03MAR23 -MADRID.- Whether you have just grown your hemp or bought a lot of your favorite bud, you should know how to store hemp flowers because it can make a big difference in how the buds keep their terpenes when stored for a long time.

Some factors, like air, intense light, and humidity, can significantly affect the quality of your buds as time goes on. When storing hemp flowers for a long time, it's essential to consider them and choose the correct container for your buds.

Some materials can change the taste and smell of your herb under certain conditions. This article discusses the steps to keep your hemp flower storage in the best condition.

How To Maintain The Good Condition Of Your Hemp Flower

Prepare Your Flower

If you have bought bulk cannabis products or hemp flowers, this step is something the vendors might provide you with as they usually cut off the fan leaves, trim, and slow-dry all of our buds in a warehouse with a controlled environment. This ensures that they are high-quality and have the right amount of moisture.

This step is crucial if you preserve the hemp flower you grew at home. Before you preserve your hemp flower, it must hang upside down in a dry, dark place with good airflow for at least seven days. After that, you can give it a light trim to eliminate all the extra plant parts.

Avoid High Temperatures & Light

Hemp flowers should be kept in a cool, dry place, just like most things we use around the house. That's because the heat and humidity in your airtight container can work together to make a place where mold can grow.

Mold weed is usually unpleasant to smoke because it makes you cough hard and feel sick, but it can be dangerous if you're allergic to mold or sensitive to it. Moreover, UV light from the sun will also damage the cannabinoids in flowers, causing their potency to decrease over time. It also kills the chlorophyll in the buds and removes the terpenes, making your fresh flower look and taste like grass.

Air And Moisture

Hemp flowers lose their potency when dried out. Terpenes and cannabinoids can break down faster when much oxygen is in the air.

Remember that oxygen is your enemy if you want to make your hemp last longer. Due to this, we always suggest using airtight containers, preferably made of glass. When storing cannabis, humidity is very important. Putting humidity packs into your container will help keep your cannabis under proper moisture. The RH needs to be between 54 and 63%.

Keep Hemp Flowers In Your Refrigerator.

The best place to store cannabis and hemp flowers for over three months is your refrigerator. But you still need to keep the material in an airtight container so that oxygen doesn't break down and the smells don't get into the buds.

Use a fridge that doesn't have any food to keep your flowers fresh smell. Ensure you keep the flower in the container correctly because the fridge creates too much condensation, making the herb brittle. You could use a beer or wine cooler to keep your cannabis flowers fresh for up to a year.

Choose The Right Container

You can put hemp flowers in Ziploc bags, bottles, or jars. Even though each has pros and cons, we suggest storing hemp biomass, like hemp flowers and oils, in colored mason jars. Plastic bags get easily broken because they are so thin.

Hemp's terpene-rich smell comes from the cannabinoid-rich trichomes that cover harvested parts like flowers and leaves. This can lead to tiny holes or tears that let air into the bag. When this happens, the hemp biomass will probably go rancid more quickly. The seal on colored mason jars is better and more robust.

The better you can protect against this smell, the sooner you can put your hemp biomass in a container that won't let air in.

Store Different Varieties

Every cannabis product has its unique qualities, and the best way to keep them that way is to store them separately. It will help if you store different kinds of hemp in different containers. Also, hemp flowers should be kept separate from other cannabis products like lighters and pipes.

These things could make the hemp absorb smells, making the experience less pleasant. Please note that you shouldn't use wood humidors because the oil in the wood could get into the buds and change how they taste.

How To Tell If Your Hemp Flower Hasn't Been Stored Right?

Mold Growth: Check for mold or mildew if your hemp flower has lost or changed color and/or smell. This kind of hemp may be dangerous to consume. It should be thrown right away. It's hard to tell if leaves that don't show obvious signs also have these contaminants. Therefore, throwing the entire hemp away is always a wise idea.

It's Cloudy And Thick. This is different from cloudy, which can happen if the oil has been in a cold room or the fridge for a long time. A few minutes at room temperature should eliminate cloudiness and return the oil to its natural color and thickness.

Final Thoughts

Putting them away is easy. You might get tempted to leave your flower in its package. This is fine if it comes in a vacuum-sealed bag, a plastic container, or a glass jar. However, switch to your preferred container method to protect your flower from outside factors as much as possible.

Clear glass is better than dark or opaque glass, and airtight lids are best. Also, ensure that you get tight lids that screw on or humidity packs like those in medicine jars or candy. They help control the humidity and keep the buds' potency and flavors from going bad.

Now that you have some tips, you must find a place to store them. The best places are dark and cool to avoid too much exposure to light, moisture, or changes in temperature. For more information you can also read reviews online, for instance industrial hemp farms review to know about the subject in a better way.


Crédito foto: pexels.com
Crédito foto: pexels.com
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