Microsoft Exam AZ-500: Your Way to Earn a Certification in Azure Security Engineering in 2020

Microsoft Exam AZ-500: Your Way to Earn a Certification in Azure Security Engineering in 2020

lunes 10 de agosto de 2020, 09:57h

10AUG20 – MADRID.- Recent statistics show that the future of IT depends on cloud technologies. Many companies have scaled their services by embracing hybrid and multi-cloud strategies to help them satisfy business needs. Forward thinkers and key decision-makers are already advocating for the Azure infrastructure. Therefore, many individuals are expected to adopt skills in Microsoft


In this post, we highlight the key details of the Microsoft certification that you need to earn to vet your aptitude for new technologies and confirm your role as a certified Azure Security Engineer. Also, we disclose the details of the new Microsoft AZ-500 exam that leads to it. So, let’s begin!


Microsoft’s Role-Based Training Path: What is It?

Microsoft now offers a unique learning program covering badges that relate to both technology areas and modern job roles instead of focusing on a particular product only. These credentials help learners flourish in an insanely competitive employment market as they become knowledgeable in spheres like Dynamics 365, Azure, Power Platform, etc. One such certification is Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate that requires you to pass one exam, AZ-500 which we’ll observe in depth below.


Factual Exam Details: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Although AZ-500 is an associate-level test, to apply for it, you should already be familiar with implementing security controls, protecting data, and some others. A full list of these prerequisites you can find on the official website but actually, these skills are only needed to aid you during preparation. Currently, this test focuses on the following domains:


  • Management of identity and access (30-35%)

  • Implementation of platform protection (15-20%)

  • Management of security operations (25-30%)

  • Securing data and applications (20-25%)

It’s important to note that the highlighted areas include many subtopics so you need to thoroughly review the official test outline provided on the Microsoft site. You can also use that detailed list as a study plan and grasp them using the reliable materials we’ll be talking about further.


Vendor-Sponsored Study Resources

For candidates who are unsure how to kick start their training, Microsoft has something helpful. As one of the most respected vendors in the cloud computing landscape, it offers excellent study resources to accompany its exams.

For AZ-500 assessment, you will have two learning modes to explore: the free online course and paid instructor-led sessions. The first option gives you access to modules that will help build your theoretical base as well as improve practical skills. This training path covers everything revolving around Azure security, so you’ll be able to get started on the right foot.

Instructor-led learning, on the other hand, would be a great fit for learners who are accustomed to classroom training. To enroll in it, you need to have a minimum of one year of experience in implementing security controls, maintaining security posture, and remediating vulnerabilities.


After completing any of these paths, don’t hesitate to do some practice tests that are effective in reinforcing your IT knowledge. Using them, you’ll have as many trial attempts as you need. Isn’t it great?

Final Thoughts

The IT industry is known for its fast-changing nature, so you need to be informed about the latest innovations and technologies. That is why obtaining the current Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification will make you a key player in many IT departments. So, go ahead and pass your AZ-500 test to get accredited soon and enjoy the rewards!

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