Robert Boyd, an Irish romantic hero in Malaga, Spain

Robert Boyd, an Irish romantic hero in Malaga, Spain

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04AGO19 -DERRY (NORTH IRELAND).- You will find the following memorial in porch of St. Augustine's: Sacred To the memory of ROBERT BOYD of this city Esquire and sometimes Lieutenant in the Bengal Army who with 53 Brave and Devoted Companions Fell at Malaga on the 11th December 1831 In a bold but successless attempt to overthrow despotism in Spain
and to advance the Sacred cause of Religion & Liberty in that degraded country aged 26 years

Hence Robert Boyd was born c. 1805. The only surviving church baptismal registers in Derry city for that time period are those of St. Columb's Cathedral. I can confirm that our database of the early registers of St. Columb’s Cathedral doesn’t record baptism of Robert.
William R. Young’s 'Fighters of Derry Their Deeds and Descendants: Being a Chronicle of Events in Ireland during the Revolutionary Period 1688-1691' (published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1932) records the following information about the Boyd family:

The Boyd family settled in the city of Derry and County Donegal in the 17th century. They are descended from the ancient Scottish family of which the Earl of Kilmarnock was the head. The family, besides their residence in Shipquay Street, were in possession of the estate of Ballymacool near Letterkenny, still the residence of the family, now represented by Mr William Henry Boyd, who was High Sheriff in County Donegal in1892.
Again in St Augustine’s graveyard the following detail is inscribed on a raised slab:

Beneath are laid the mortal remains of ARCHIBALD BOYD Esquire
Died 27 December 1826 aged 75 years And within this enclosure
lie those of his four children John, Duncan, Alexander and Archibald who all died in infancy
ANNA BOYD oldest daughter of John Boyd of Letterkenny Esquire and sister of ARCHIBALD BOYD of this City Esquire Died the 7th September 1854 aged 85 years
youngest daughter of John Boyd of Letterkenny Esquire and sister of ARCHIBALD BOYD of this City Esquire Died 16th March 1856 aged 77 years
Based on information provided in Burke’s 'Landed Gentry of Ireland' (1899 edition) the family lineage of the Boyds of Ballymacool is as follows:
John Boyd of Letterkenny – son of John Boyd of Letterkenny, and grandson of John Boyd, who built the family mansion of Letterkenny, 1672, claimed descent from a younger branch of the ancient Scottish family of Boyd, Earls of Kilmarnock – married 1736, Ann daughter of Alderman Gamble, of Derry, and had, with other issue,
1. John, his heir
2. Robert
3. William Stewart, Lieutenant Carabiniers, killed in India
4. Mossum, an officer of Customs, who left issue.
5. Archibald, of Derry (who married Anne MacNeill, of the Colonsay family, and was father of the gallant Captain John MacNeill Boyd, Royal Navy, of the “Ajax,” who perished at Kingstown, near Dublin, in the memorable storm of 9 February 1861, and of Archibald Boyd, Dean of Exeter).
6. Alexander
Mr Boyd died 1764, and was succeeded by his son.
John Boyd, Major in Donegal Militia, born 1740; married 1766 Martha, eldest daughter of Colonel Stewart, Governor of Bahama Islands, and died 1810, leaving a son
John Boyd, Barrister-at-Law, born 20 August 1769; married 26 January 1799, Frances, 2nd daughter of Sir Samuel Hayes, Baronet of Drumboe Castle and died 1836, leaving issue……

The database of Derry Genealogy does record the following baptismal entry:
Baptised: 5 May 1808 in St Columb’s Cathedral, city of Londonderry
John Macneal Boyd, son of Archibald Boyd and Anne McNeall
It is possible, but not proven, that Robert Boyd was a sibling of John Macneal Boyd.

Brian Michell


Tower Museum

Derry, Northern Ireland


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