Top 3 types of bank fees and ways to avoid them

Top 3 types of bank fees and ways to avoid them

miércoles 21 de septiembre de 2022, 23:13h

21SEP22 – MADRID.- Money is all that goes around in every single mind. No matter a nine-year-old kid or 90-year-old grandpa – without money you can’t buy happiness. Yes, we know true happiness is the state of mind but a chocolate bar can only be bought with the help of money not emotions. And then you can’t deny the level of dopamine that is released after a bite of your favorite chocolate.

Isn’t it? Yes, that’s why people focus on trying to save the maximum amount of money in different forms of investments like bonds or FD in the bank. However, the bank charges different kinds of fees on your investments. So basically to save money you have spent more money that becomes irrelevant for saving money. Let us learn about the top three types of fees charged by banks and ways to avoid them. For more information about bank fees, you can tap here kontofuhrungsgebuhren.

Types of Bank Fees

There are three major kinds of fees that are imposed by the banks on the users for availing certain criteria. However, if you are an aware customer then you can easily overcome these extra expenses. So don’t worry if you are still unaware because we will unfold the solutions with each type of bank fee.


We usually brag about the number of ATM cards that we keep in our wallets. Didn’t we? But do you realize just by keeping those cards you have to pay a lot of money? Every year ATM surcharges are increased by a certain amount making it difficult to operate and keep as it has become expensive. However to get rid of this fee you can opt for ATMs that don’t charge any fees.


The most frustrating thing about banks is to pay the maintenance charge whether your account balance is high or low. The amount of these fees depends from bank to bank so if you have your account in a big bank that means the fees will be higher. But you can save yourself by maintaining optimum balance and making regular deposits. Another way to curtail this maintenance fee is by using your debit card the right number of times during a month.


Not everyone is good at mathematical calculations which is why we all get trapped in the overdrawing issue of transactions. People normally make an incorrect tally for their bank balance like purchasing an item worth 60 dollars while your account balance is only 45 dollars. This generally gives you a declined payment notification turning you into clouds of despair. And to add more pain your bank sends you the message for paying the overdraft fees. To protect your money from paying overdraft fees you can refuse this service at the time of opening your account.


Therefore now you can enjoy saving your money at a high rate of benefits without having the stress to pay extra money for these bank fees. Finally with more money you can enjoy life with that extra delight of your favorite chocolate bar.


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