MAGALUF: Drunk partygoers
MAGALUF: Drunk partygoers

Booze ban set for all-inclusive holidays at tourist hotspots in Spain

  • The Balearic Islands government is set to crackdown on boozy all-inclusive trips in Mallorca and Ibiza

jueves 23 de agosto de 2018, 00:08h

By Elisa Menendez

23AGO18.- BRITISH holidaymakers are in for a surprise with free alcohol on package holidays set to be banned in Spain. The Balearic Islands government is set to crackdown on boozy all-inclusive trips in Mallorca and Ibiza by bringing in new regulation.

It comes after a string of laws recently introduced by the local government in a bid to control unruly tourists in areas such as Magaluf.

The new rules suggest tourists must order and be served dinks from a waiter, which they will have to pay for, instead of hitting the bar without a wallet at an all-inclusive hotel.

This also stretches to holidaymakers sitting outside of the main dining area during allocated meal times, while free drinks in mini bars will also be strictly off limits.

And the new regulation won’t just hit tourists, hotel staff will have to seriously change the way they operate.

All-inclusive hotels will have to legally register the business with the government so they can be appropriately monitored.

In order for hotels to be granted a licence, 70% of guests must be served efficiently in a bid to tackle overcrowding and long queues.

Meanwhile, the authorities are taking a strong stance on plastic waste by banning single-use plastic cups and plates which all-inclusive resorts depend on.

Although it is not clear when the changes will come into practice, they are not set to come into effect before the end of the summer.

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