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Jan 20th

Before 1066 - From Athelstan to Edward the Confessor. Course Leader Kay White.

Spanish Dance


If any member would like to receive a copy of the Costa Del Sol Photographic Society Newsletter, please contact their Secretary, Monica Gaskill, who would be happy to oblige. You can reach Monica at [email protected]

Manila Bar

I am very pleased to announce that the Manila Bar has reopened for the importance business of U3A Snooker and Table Tennis. However, only one table tennis table is available for use, so the wait between games maybe a tad longer than usual.


Unfortunately, there will be no further activity for the Poetry circle for the remainder of the season.


Many thanks to those of you, who signed up on Registration Day. Clive Robinson will be running the group. Mondays at 11.30 am in the Pyr Hotel residents´ lounge. Clive may be contacted at [email protected]

'Be Smart' (Tablets & iPhones etc:)

This is a very welcome new initiative for members, who have those niggling questions about today's technology; myself included! Although the original idea was to offer a 'drop in' service, Maureen has requested that it may be a better idea if you were to contact her beforehand, give her some details of your specific query and then book a slot to have a chat to her. Sessions start 13.00 to 14.00 on Monday 16/1/17, Room 3-4. Lux Mundi.

Contact [email protected] or message to 34 631 663 454

Debating & Discussion Group

Wednesday 18th January 1.00 - 2.30 Room 3-2 Lux Mundi
Motion: Everyone should have the right to vote but that right has got to be earned (before it can be exercised).
Proposed by Rowan Fookes.
Other Speakers for and against are welcome.


The correct address is Hogar Pensionista, Calle de la Fruta, Los Boliches


The next U3A Quiz Night will be hosted by Chris Lee on 30th January at Dominique's on the Paseo, Los Boliches. Chris will be in touch nearer the time, but if you can get together a tanker of 4, please let Chris know in the meantime to avoid disappointment. You can reach him at [email protected]

Scottish Dancing

Why not get rid of those few extra pounds gained over the holidays? Geordie runs a very enjoyable class at the Manila Bar on Wednesdays from 1.30 pm until 3.00 pm. Contact: [email protected]

Needlework (aka 'Knit & Natter')

Message from Julie Cooke to all interested parties: "I return to Spain 12th January and so, if you are willing we can meet at Lux Mundi Wednesday 18th January in B.7 Room 1 at 11.00 and we can decide how we wish the Group to proceed".


The next session will be tomorrow at the Manila Bar from 1.00pm until 3.30 pm. Great fun if you've never tried it before. For more information, please contact Brian & Sue Jones at [email protected]

Bridge for Improvers

Great news that this activity has been resurrected. Credit to Cliff Marsden, who has brought the Beginners Class to a higher standard already in a few short weeks. This activity replaces Bridge for Beginners. It will be held weekly on Thursdays from 12.00 to 13.30, at Lux Mundi, B7-R1: Max 12 persons: Tel: Cliff Marsden - 952 663 470

Walking in Andalusia

I have attached a picture from yesterday's walk. It gives you a very good idea of the enjoyment experienced by all. It was taken by U3A Richard Berg at the end of the 'stroll' up and down hills in the beautiful location above Mijas Pueblo.

And finally...

We all pride ourselves on our command of the English language. Others do, but not always in the way it was intended! The importance of punctuation should never be underestimated.

Peter Hayes - Newsletter Editor

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