Microsoft Certification Path: How to Become an IT Expert by Starting with Microsoft MS‑500 Using Exam Dumps?

Microsoft Certification Path: How to Become an IT Expert by Starting with Microsoft MS‑500 Using Exam Dumps?

miércoles 29 de enero de 2020, 11:16h

29JAN20.- There are different paths that you can take in order to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. All in all, the company offers 6 options on how to obtain this Expert level. All of the options require a Microsoft certificate of a lower level. Microsoft launched the Azure and Microsoft 365 credentials, which are role-based. This means that the individuals are now at liberty to choose the certification path they want to take based on their experience and job roles.

For both mentioned services, there is now a security role, which comes with a Microsoft Associate certificate. In case your job role is to accomplish tasks such as managing security for Microsoft 365, then it means that you can take the Microsoft Exam-labs MS-500 exam.

In this article, we will explore one of the options that requires the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certification and, especially, the first step –passing Microsoft MS‑500.

The first steps of your journey

If talking about a step-by-step procedure, first of all, you need to pass the Microsoft MS-500 exam in order to obtain the mentioned certification of the Associate level. And then you can take two more tests (Microsoft MS-100 and Microsoft MS-101), and the expert-level credential will be in your pocket.

According to the changes that Microsoft introduced in its certification path in early 2019, this means that if you are an expert in security and your responsibility is to monitor and manage compliance and security solutions for Microsoft 365 as well as hybrid environments, then a Security Administrator role is the rightpath you are supposed to take.

Let’s explore the details of the Microsoft MS-500 test so you will know where to start.

Two weighty criteria

If you want to takethe Microsoft MS-500 exam, you should ask yourself whether it is really the right test for you or not. To consider yourself a qualified candidate, you need to pay attention to the required experience and job position.

Talking about the first criterion, there are three levels of the Microsoft 365 certifications.The classification is based on the experience that an IT expert has in a specific role. There are the Fundamentals certificate for those individuals who are just starting in this technology. There is also an Associate level for those candidates who have two years or more of wide-ranging working experience in a precise role. And there are the expert-level credentials designed for the IT experts with two to five working years of comprehensive technical experience in technology. The Microsoft MS-500 exam belongs to the associate-level certification. For this credential, you are expected to have two years of ample experience working actively in this sphere. Well, this is not an official prerequisite and Microsoft doesn’t ask for proof of this kind of experience. However, it is highly recommended.

Now let’s move on to the issue of the job role as the second criterion to find out whether the Microsoft MS-500 exam is actually for you or not. Microsoft expects the candidates taking this test to have the job role where they have to manage and implement security and compliance solutions, secure Microsoft 365 enterprise and hybrid setting, enforce data governance, and respond to threats.

To sum it all up, the Microsoft MS-500 exam is the right certification path for you if you have two comprehensive years of working experience with Microsoft 365.

Exam format and topic areas

You need to expect to have about three types of questions when taking the Microsoft MS-500 exam. You can run into a business case where you are given a scenario, which you have to read through and understand before writing a couple of questions based on it. When you take this certification test, you should also expect to encounter a lot of questions that are asking you about a certain business scenario and you will be expected to say whether a specific solution would help solve this scenario or not. Such questions will require you to choose either YES or NO.There are also simple questions where there is one question and you are presented with four answers from which you are required to choose the correct one. You can also be asked to choose, let’s say, 2 out of 4 possible actions, which you can then list in the correct order.

The Microsoft MS-500 exam typically covers everything about monitoring and managing solutions for Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. Before going to this certification test, it is important to have practical experience in some of the four skills areas that are covered in it. The exam objectives include:

  1. Implementing and managing identity and access – 30-35%;

  2. Managing compliance features and governance – 25-30%;

  3. Implementing and managing information protection – 15-20%;

  4. Implementing and managing threat protection – 20-25%.

Preparation process

From the four skills areas highlighted above, you have definitely noticed that you should have a thorough knowledge of Microsoft 365 features and governance, information protection, threat management, and protection. Exam-Labs has detailed information on each of these topic areas and the site offers the best resources to make preparation for this exam easy. There are also useful study materials and many other prep tools. To access all of them, visit the Exam-Labs website and you will be able to benefit from all the resources that this platform makes available for the learners who are preparing for the Microsoft MS-500 test.

Of course, don’t forget to visit the official Microsoft website to get all the materials the company offers. You can find four instructor-led courses and even a free training course for all the interested candidates.


Taking a certification exam is not an easy path but the moment you start such an interesting journey your life will change. Taking the first step is always hard however the amount of advantages that you will get afterwards is priceless.

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