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domingo 17 de julio de 2016, 17:42h

17JUL16.- "Petition launched for British expats in Spain and Gibraltarian representation in UK parliament", The Olive Press, 13 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

The petition demands that the large body of expats in Europe (estimated at 1.3 million) as well as 30,000 Gibraltarians are given an official voice in Parliament.

"Expat real estate agent cleared of fraud", Costa Almería News, 14 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

A British real estate agent has been cleared of fraud by a court in Almería after being accused of duping a couple into buying a house on non-urban land in Arboleas.

"Local residents launch Brexpats in Spain group", Costa del Sol News, 14 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Several British residents of Mijas have launched a group ... in Spain aimed at helping to answer expats’ questions on the possible impacts of Brexit, as well as looking out for the interests of the expat community in the process of negotiating the UK’s departure for the UK.

"Pension cash-grab probe", Costa Levante News, 14 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia (Portada)

British resident fingers Spain over double taxation agreement

"British residents hit by pension cash grab", Costa News, 14 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Dozens of British residents in south-east Spain have written to Costa Blanca News to report that they have been stung by the Spanish government’s pension cash grab.

"Legal specialist helping 100,000 Brits owed €5 million in lost home deposits", The Olive Press, 14 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Banks are making it difficult for expats to reclaim

"‘Brexpat’ benefits for British residents", Euro Weekly News, 13 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Mijas Council has been at the forefront of exchanges with the national and regional governments since the recent referendum, obtaining the latest news and communicating residents’ concerns. “Among the most important questions we are answering is how to acquire Spanish nationality,” said the mayor, adding that the council has “informed them of all the procedures they need to follow, and how to manage them.”

"Local British man honoured", Euro Weekly News, 13 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Javea resident Geoffrey Bannister has received the French legion d’ honneur, the highest award the French military... Geoffrey received the honour for his part in the D-Day landings. He was a young marine, aged just 18...

"Maura Hillen, homeowners’ champion, receives honorary MBE", Costa del Sol News, 13 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

AUAN leader recognised for her service to the British community in Spain

"La presidenta de AUAN, miembro honoraria del Imperio Británico por la defensa de dueños de casas irregulares", Europa Press, 12 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

...ha destacado en un comunicado el embajador británico en España ... que, bajo su "liderazgo", AUAN "se ha consolidado como una organización dirigida con mucha profesionalidad y muy respetada que ha buscado asesoría jurídica especializada y, a su vez, ha transmitido a las autoridades regionales y nacionales soluciones prácticas y razonables".

"La reina Isabel II nombra a Maura Hillen miembro de la Orden del Imperio Británico",La Voz de Almería, 13 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Presidenta de la asociación Abusos Urbanísticos Almanzora-No (AUAN) y concejala del equipo de Gobierno socialista en el Ayuntamiento de Albox ... En la ‘guerra’ que todavía afronta, Hillen ha cambiado las armas por las pancartas, los altares reales por las ruedas de prensa y el caballo por el trabajo con todos y cada uno de los grupos políticos y agentes sociales para cambiar la situación de quienes, de buena fe, compraron una vivienda en la provincia y ahora no pueden disfrutar ni tan siquiera de los servicios mínimos como luz y agua.

"Maura Hillen, homeowners’ champion, receives honorary MBE", Euro Weekly News, 12 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

...leader of an association representing owners of illegal homes in Andalucia... The award to Mrs Maura Hillen, an Irish national, reflects her work as President and spokesperson of Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No! (AUAN), which campaigns for the legalisation of homes in the Almanzora Valley, where thousands of properties – mostly British owned - have lacked a final habitation certificate since they were built some 10 to 15 years ago.

"Champion of expat property rights in Spain awarded gong", The Local, 12 | 07 | 2016 - Entrevista (Maura Hillen)

The head of Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No! (AUAN), an organization that campaigns for the legalization of homes declared illegal by planning authorities has been appointed an honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), for services to the British community in Spain.

"Me quiero morir en España", Interviú, 11 | 07 | 2016 - Reportaje (Sol Juárez)

Los jubilados ingleses que residen en nuestro país no piensan regresar al Reino Unido. A pesar del Brexit.

"The Valle del Almanzora, in Almeria is making plans ahead of Brexit", Typically Spanish, 11 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

The Association of Municipalities in the Valle del Almanzora, in Almeria has not shown indifference to the decision of the UK to leave the European Union. President of this body ... has chosen the town of Zurgena to start work on the matter; by collecting suggestions, concerns and the general opinion of the British public and then to design a new series of actions to reduce the possible effects of Brexit. ... The British Councillor in Zurgena, Jim Simpson, informed the president of the regional organisation how the British community feels in the town, given some 40% of the population is British, and made a call for ‘calm for the next two years’ until the talks between the UK and the EU have finalised. However, this calm will allow ‘working on proposals and solutions’. ‘Never will be turn our backs on the hundreds of Britons who were not born here but have voluntarily decided to spend the rest of their lives in Zurgena, as another neighbour’, said the mayor.

"El Brexit sacude a los ediles «guiris» de Andalucía", Abc, 10 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

La incertidumbre se apodera de los concejales británicos, que ni siquiera saben si podrán seguir siéndolo

"3.500 casas sin licencia en el desierto: Camposol, la pesadilla británica en Murcia",El Confidencial, 10 | 07 | 2016 - Reportaje (Rafael Méndez)

Miles de ingleses compraron casa en Mazarrón. Ahora se han hartado: denuncian que no hay escrituras, unas están en ruinas y otras ocupan una rambla. El consulado intenta mediar

"What do we do now that the British public have chosen Brexit?", The Olive Press, 10 | 07 | 2016 - Opinión (Campbell Ferguson)

The UK decision to leave the EU is likely to have a major reduction effect upon International property demand; immediately, with contracts with Brexit clauses being cancelled and lower pound/euro values effectively increasing prices; in the medium term as British potential buyers and especially lifestyle changers hesitate to commit themselves to the uncertainty of rumours and especially healthcare and pension doubts; and in the long-term it will depend upon the terms negotiated with the EU and worldwide.

"Some reassurance for British expats", Euro Weekly News, 09 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

‘Rest easy’ was Regional President Ximo Puig’s message to the Valencian Community’s 100,000 British residents following the UK referendum vote to leave the EU. The healthcare of any citizen living in the region is “guaranteed,”... “The Generalitat Valenciana will not interrupt any fundamental public services,” Puig assured British residents. A specifically created regional committee will deal with the situation, he said.

"Brexit worries addressed", Round Town News, 08 | 07 | 2016 - Noticia

Vice Consul Sara Munsterhjelm addressed concerns of expats as she gave an informative talk ... in Murcia. ... she reassured everyone that there was no need to panic; saying nothing would immediately change and it was unlikely anything would be different for at least two years.

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