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Bollywood “Senorita” sings in India MARIA DEL MAR FERNÁNDEZ

Bollywood “Senorita” sings in India MARIA DEL MAR FERNÁNDEZ  

miércoles 22 de octubre de 2014, 11:21h

Wednesday 19th October 6.30pm at Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi




The Embassy of Spain brings to India the Spanish singer María del Mar Fernández, currently a summer hit because of the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011 – Zoya Akhtar) movie song “Señorita”. The event will be presented at a press gathering on Wednesday 19th Oct. at 12:30 PM at the Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi, where the media will have the possibility of interviewing María del Mar Fernandez and her flamenco troupe. The Embassy of Spain would like to invite you to cocktails during the press gathering. The concert of María del Mar Fernández is scheduled at 6:30 PM. Accompanied by José Carlos Gómez on guitar and Enrique Terrón on percussion, the artist will present songs from her first solo album, currently being recorded in Guadalajara, Spain.


Co-sung also by the movie stars Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol y Farhan Akhtar, “Señorita” has obtained more than three millions visits on the internet. Millions of Indians have listened to it and have danced to the rhythm of its catchy Hindi and Spanish language combination. María del Mar Fernández is the first Spanish singer to participate in a Bollywood song.



The flamenco singer from Cádiz (Andalousia, Spain) María del Mar Fernández has had a large career both in Spain and around the world before she captivated the Indian people this summer with “Señorita”, the main song of the OST of the latest Bollywood success Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. In 1997 the artist started singing in dance academies all over Andalucía. In 1999 she made her first trip to Japan with “El Toleo” and “La Tolea” flamenco dancers. The troupe performed for six months in Osaka (Japan) and went back to Tokyo four months later.

After her Japanese adventures, María del Mar Fernández started dancing for the illustrious tablao “El Cordobés” in Barcelona, where the famous flamenco star Joaquín Cortés requested her participation for his international tour. On her return to Barcelona, María del Mar Fernández took one of the most important professional decisions of her life. The artist signed to the Paco Peña flamenco company and she performed in tours all over the world for four years, including U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, U.S.A, South America, collaborating with the best Spanish flamenco stars, such as Antonio Canales, Carmen Cortés, Manuel Morao and the Nuevo Ballet Español. María del Mar Fernández has also collaborated with the albums of Juan Villar, Alejandro Martínez and Rafael Aguilar.


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