Thoughts about ending terrorist attacks in Europe (And the World)

Thoughts about ending terrorist attacks in Europe (And the World)

miércoles 07 de junio de 2017, 16:50h

07JUN17.- Let them live in peace. Get out of their countries and leave these people continue with their everyday religious and /or secular lives. Do not break their culture, do not disrupt their traditions or look down on their language, gastronomy, customs…for they are human as we are.

Get your intelligence agencies and secret squads out of Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Thailand, Myanmar, The Philippines just to name a few countries in which you only want war and wish for the total disintegration of their society and humiliation of their people. I am a white European from a Christian background and I feel ashamed of what my own country and other western “democracies” are doing in the Middle East, in Africa, Asia…. I respect Islam and Muslims without having to convert to it. I respect homosexuality and lesbians without being homosexual or wishing to become a lesbian. But above all I respect people and their humanity.

European governments want us to believe their absurd neoliberal policies: that in order to respect Islam you need to become a Muslim and stop going to church. Wrong! I am not a Muslim nor do I go to church but, I respect them and interact with them gracefully on a daily basis. They want us to believe that if you do not interact with homosexuals you do not understand or respect them. Wrong! I am heterosexual and yet I have many gay friends. I respect everyone regardless of their faith and beliefs as long as they respect their own fellow human beings.

Our governments blame the people of the Middle East for the suicidal and evil terrorist attacks perpetrated in the great capitals of Europe. But the people of Syria and Iraq, or Yemen have nothing to do with ISIS or Al Qaeda for the latter are monsters conceived and created by the West. In the recent attacks in Manchester and London some of the murderers were British. It really does not make any sense!

These terrorist attacks are creating hate and division in urban European societies, be it British or French, German or Belgian; they are creating a wave of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa that many European countries cannot handle. Soon enough we will see a tsunami of immigrants from the Ukraine as well, for they have created hell there too!

People of Britain! Do not vote for a leader that only wishes to rule and divide, Peuple Français! Forget your Macrons and look for a new leader, one who is not the child of an evil banker; Ciudadanos españoles!!, atención a la corrupción (look out for corruption) and do not forget the II Republic, for it will bring you inspiration.

Not until we have new leaders with human policies and a 180 degrees turn on their world-views will terrorist attacks of the nature we witnessed in London last Saturday will start to cease. Not until the peoples of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan (just to mention a few countries destroyed by our leaders) start leading a life full of dignity, will Londoners and Parisians be able to attend concerts without any fear, not until we Europeans respect other cultures and understand other faiths an in turn those from exotic cultures respect us too, will we be able to live in peace and harmony forever.

Herminio Piñeiro

Pressenza IPA

Creative Commons

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