29JUL17.- We won’t rest until… is the new hashtag that goes along with Efpia’s campaign, scheduled to promote the restless and moral profile of the pharmaceutical industry.

21JUL17.- When Team Corbyn dared introduce in the UK Labour Party Manifesto a “Tax the Rich” proposal many held their breath, and were more than a little surprised that not only it did not send people into an anti-pinko frenzy but it actually got a lot of praise from respectable economists as something that makes real sense. And it got the votes too.

12JUL17.- Campaigners have said they will appeal a High Court decision which allows the UK Government to continue exporting arms to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen. The verdict came despite global concern over the use of these weapons against civilians.

Weekly Report

By Lenox Napier and Andrew Brociner – Sent by José Antonio Sierra (CCLAM)

29JUN17.- A digest of this week's Spanish financial, political and social news aimed primarily at Foreign Property Owners: With Lenox Napier and Andrew Brociner. Consultant: José Antonio Sierra. For subscriptions and other information about this site, go to businessovertapas.com - ,email: [email protected] - ***Now with Facebook Page (Like!)*** - Note: Underlined words or phrases are links to the Internet. Right click and press 'Control' on your keyboard to access.

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25JUN17.- Obsession with privatisation, fiscal austerity, deregulation, free trade, and reductions in government spending in order to increase the role of the private sector in the economy and society have been the neoliberal agenda pervading the world economic system since the 70s’ after Friedrich Hayek was given the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974. Other main ideologists were Milton Friedman, James M. Buchanan and the disturbing promoter of selfishness Ayn Rand, along with politicians and policy-makers such as Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Jacques Chirac, Pinochet’s “Chicago Boys” and Alan Greenspan.

04JUN17.- ‘There’s a real similarity’: Corbyn gets rousing support from Bernie Sanders.

19MAY17.- Stretching thousands of kilometres, across mountains and deserts, the Silk Road holds a special place in history. Traversed by Marco Polo and named after one of its most precious goods, the trade route facilitated an exchange of ideas, technology, and animals between East and West, Asia, Europe and Africa. Though its relevance waned with the opening of sea routes between Asia and Europe, the rebirth of China’s economic power and ambitions over the last decade has rejuvenated the once dormant route.

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14JUL17.- Thousands more refugees and migrants could be at risk of dying at sea if a flawed code of conduct for nongovernmental groups conducting search and rescue in the central Mediterranean is put into practice, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today after reviewing a leaked draft of the document.

09JUL17.- As I crawled through our new Brexit minister’s asbestos-lined maze of corporate lobby links, something became more obvious than ever. Most of the liberal commentary on Britain’s negotiations to leave the EU has fallen for the first lie of nationalism: that there is such a thing as a coherent national interest.

26JUN17.- If anybody had any doubts about the need to refund, reinstate, protect and develop the UK Health Service the process taking place across the Atlantic is providing us with all the reasons.

07JUN17.- Let them live in peace. Get out of their countries and leave these people continue with their everyday religious and /or secular lives. Do not break their culture, do not disrupt their traditions or look down on their language, gastronomy, customs…for they are human as we are.

29MAY17.- On Thursday, May 25, 2017, the co-founders of the new democratic political movement DiEM25, Yanis Varoufakis and Srecko Horvat held a press conference in the “Red Salon” of the Berlin theater “Volksbühne”, in the place where more than a year ago everything started. They gave an overview of the development of the pan-European movement DiEM25 and presented their political roadmap to prepare for the European elections in the whole European Union under the motto “European New Deal”.

16MAY17.- The first round of preparatory meetings came to an end in Vienna on Friday. Reaching Critical Will wrapped up their review of proceedings with these thoughts.

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