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Sustain urges MPs to secure a better deal for the UK fishing industry

  • The UK Fisheries Bill, due for introduction to Parliament in 2018, needs to have a strong overall vision, to make sure fishers are guaranteed a bright, sustainable future.

01JUN18.- Sustain has written to MPs urging them to secure a better deal for the UK fishing industry. We believe this is well within the power of UK Government, regardless of the outcome of EU negotiations and trade deals.

  • Educationalists and Sociologists to discuss religion in Irish Primary Schools

28MAY18.- Ireland has seen rapid social change in recent years. Successive governments have outlined plans to address the mismatch between a largely denominational or Catholic primary education system, and increasing ethno-cultural and religious diversity. There is a variety of beliefs among children in Irish schools, yet over 95% of primary schools are denominational. Schools have a crucial role to play in terms of social integration and inclusion.

  • Help and support through later life transitions

28MAY18 .- In This Issue: 1. Inheritance Tax Review - Office of Tax Simplification - 2. On the move - 3. Check what you could be eligible for - 4. Scam email confirming bogus subscription for Netflix -5. Telephone calls from a Somalia telephone number

25MAY18"British fraudsters arrested in Altea", Guardia Civil have arrested two British nationals under an international arrest order for defrauding £1million in a property-related scam. The father (age 76) and son (51) were ... transferred directly to the High Court in Madrid where their extradition to the UK will be processed.

Escocia rinde homenaje a Kimuak

  • Organizada por el colectivo Cinemaattic, la retrospectiva “Kimuak: 20 Años de cortometraje vasco” se celebrará en Edimburgo y Glasgow del 24 al 31 de mayo.
  • El programa, que cuenta con el apoyo de Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) y el Instituto Vasco Etxepare y, incluye masterclasses en Edinburgh College of Art a cargo de Asier Altuna o Isabel Herguera.

23MAY18 – MADRID.- Kimuak celebra 20 años y Escocia se suma a los homenajes internacionales que le llueven a uno de los programas que más ha hecho por el cortometraje ya no solo vasco, sino en todo España. Tendrá lugar en Edimburgo y Glasgow entre los días 24 y 31 de Mayo

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22MAY18.- Trinity and trade unions clash

The Trinity Education Project has turned into a contentious issue for many staff. Now, College's three trade unions are concerned about the impact an earlier start date – as part of the new academic year structure – will have on staff. SIPTU has accused Trinity of acting with "disdain" for workers.

Has Donald Trump ended Irish America's love affair with the Democratic Party?

By Maureen Dowd @MaureenDowd

22MAY18.- Maureen Dowd, top New York Times columnist, recently lectured at Galway University on the Trump phenomenon. Here exclusively are her remarks. The first Irish American to become a Republican senator was John Danaher from Connecticut in 1938. As the story goes, an Irish Catholic woman breathlessly told her friend, “have you heard the news? John Danaher has become a Republican!” The friend replied: “it can’t be true. I saw him at mass just last Sunday.”

La lápida de la mujer del anillo

21MAY18.- Cuando me preguntan por qué tengo la sana costumbre de elegir Irlanda como escenario de mis novelas, suelo responder que en esta isla cualquier historia, por increíble que sea, resulta verosímil. Cualquier cosa puede pasar en Irlanda. Si no me creéis, leed esta anécdota que contaba una amiga en Facebook.

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21MAY18.- Ruin your day.- Summer might be fast approaching, but DU Players isn't winding down. The society has a festival – Rúin – that promises secrets and stories. Expect a sleepy campus to be transformed into an open-air theatre and art installation.

Michael Collins YOUTUBE
Michael Collins YOUTUBE

  • El conocido historiador Ronan McGreevy ha hecho un descubrimiento sorprendente sobre un famoso asesinato y el comienzo de la ruinosa Guerra Civil Irlandesa en 1921.

By James O'Shea

19MAY18.- Durante décadas se creyó que la guerra civil comenzó justo después de que Michael Collins ordenara el asesinato del mariscal de campo Sir Henry Wilson, un destacado sindicalista y enemigo de Collins y la revolución irlandesa. Wilson era asesor militar del nuevo gobierno unionista en el norte y había alentado la formación de B Specials, un grupo de asesinatos leal establecido para intimidar a los católicos.

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