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Boletín Cultural

Instituto Cervantes Dublín

FILM SCREENING: Decent people

Dir. Edgardo Vierek  - Chile, 2004. 130 min

In Santiago, Andrés Barros is a partner at an up-and-coming law firm. He's getting married, and his friends, including his law partner Roberto, arrange a bachelor party where he spends the night with a prostitute, Gloria. She later shows up at his office and the passion continues, against his better judgment. Soon, Andrés is entangled in sex, lies, videotape, and blackmail. His relationship with Rosario, his fiancée, is strained, he neglects his work, and there's a dead body in a bathtub. A pimp, a whore, a doorman, a receptionist: where are the decent people?

Thursday, 1st MAR, 6 pm. Café Literario
In O.V. with English subtitles
Followed by a Chilean wine reception
Free admission


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