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Great Internet Security is no Longer Optional

06SSEP19 – MADRID.- Keeping your customer data secure is no longer just a business’s moral responsibility. Thanks to GDPR coming into effect last year, it’s now your legal responsibility as well. If your systems are breached, and your security is not compliant in terms of these regulations, you face a stiff fine.

Under GDPR, companies face a maximum fine of €20 million or 4% of their annual turnover – whichever is greater. So, it might be worth hiring a cybersecurity firm to come in and check your systems for compliance.

And, considering that human error is the leading cause of breaches, you should also consider investing in security awareness training.

What is Security Awareness Training?

With this form of training, you and your staff are briefed on how to launch your best possible defense and also how to recognize attacks. The trainer will go over various elements of security. These include the following.

Password Security

A secure password:

· Consists of at least 16 digits

· Is a random assortment of characters that don’t form recognizable words

· Has special characters, alpha and numeric characters, and upper and lower case letters

· Is changed on a regular basis

· Is unique to that one system – you shouldn’t use the same password across multiple systems or sites

· Is even better if paired with two-factor authentication

Guard Against Phishing Attacks

When it comes to phishing, we all think that we’d be able to spot an attack fairly easily. In truth though, it’s harder than you might think. Most of us wouldn’t recognize some of the better phishing emails. That’s why it’s good to:

· Make a point of never clicking on links provided in emails. If you want to see what’s going on, close the email and navigate to the site on your own, without using the link. If you click the link within the email, you’ll be taken to a fake site that looks exactly like the real thing. The difference being that signing on there means giving over your password.

· Consider using an email scanning application. These work in the cloud and scan all emails before they’re delivered to your server. Suspicious emails are quarantined and a staff member is able to go in later and check whether or not the system has flagged them incorrectly.

Final Notes

There are many more tips and tricks that a qualified security analyst will be able to teach you. Take advantage of their expertise and your business will have a more secure future.

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