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· What you might have missed last week

22MAY18.- Trinity and trade unions clash

The Trinity Education Project has turned into a contentious issue for many staff. Now, College's three trade unions are concerned about the impact an earlier start date – as part of the new academic year structure – will have on staff. SIPTU has accused Trinity of acting with "disdain" for workers.

Disadvantaged students half as like to progress

New figures from the Higher Education Authority have revealed the large disparity in progression rates betweenstudents who went to private school and those that didn't. Students from DEIS schools had a non-progression rate of 19 per cent – nearly twice as high as students from fee-paying schools.

Pro-life students make case for the eighth

Trinity's pro-life students released a video this week in defence of the eighth amendment. Reasons for opposing repeal included students stressing their feminism and crediting the amendment for protecting them before birth.

Trinity's Nobel laureate backs repeal

William Campbell, Trinity's only living Nobel Prize winner, this week signed a letter backing repeal alongside 1,200 of Ireland's most esteemed scientists including Trinity's Prof Luke O'Neill and Prof Orla Hardiman.

Coming down on one side

The thin line between persuasion and casting someone out

On Friday, you should vote yes. But don’t let the unabashed savagery of the no side obscure the need to have conversations with the faithful on all sides, writes the Editorial Board.

Is any part of the Trinity Education Project going well?

From eye rolls to all-out revolt, the results of Trinity’s high-handed approach to the Trinity Education Project have left stakeholders fearing its implementation, writes the Editorial Board.

Live with us this September 2018!

The Tramshed and The Woodworks is a brand new luxury student accommodation campus opening just a short walk from Trinity College! Accommodation includes gyms, cinema rooms, games/study areas and roof terraces. Find out more and book a viewing here.

Articles elsewhere that made us think

International student survey criticised

A UK Home Office-sponsored survey has been criticised for being open to manipulation and for poorly designed questions about international students. The Guardian reports that one question included “How many of your friends are international students?” with a range of responses from “all of them” to “none of them”.

Is college worth it?

Students are always told to strive for college – many amass huge debts in the hope of reaping the benefits of higher education. But Ellen Ruppel Shell in the New York Times asks if that idea bears scrutiny. A college degree, she writes, is worth much less to the people who ironically need it the most.

New Zealand academics fret over tuition free abolition

In New Zealand, the news that the Labour-led government would abolish tuition fees was greeted with joy by students. But Times Higher Education reports many academics' fears are starting to become a reality as the fee abolition failed to be acommpanied by a funding increase in the last government budget.

And finally...

Still have exams?

If you're still stuck studying, have a read of some advice for preparing efficiently and how to cram effectively.

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