Australia: 30 Jun

Film screening: “For 80 Days” - Instituto Cervantes Sydney

As part of the Spanish Gay Cinema: Lesbian universes, the Instituto Cervantes Sydney presents "For 80 Days".

Film screening: “For 80 Days” - Instituto Cervantes Sydney

Axun and Maite met at secondary school during a repressive era that never allowed their relationship to go beyond friendship. Later on, their paths led them apart: Axun got married and moved out to the country to live on a farm, while Maite traveled the world, clarified her sexual orientation in her own mind, and now, having had a successful career as a piano teacher, she has returned to San Sebastian to take up her retirement.

Fifty years on, Axun and Maite, now both seventy, meet up by chance while visiting patients in hospital. At first, they don't recognize one another, but soon long- suppressed feelings begin to emerge once more with the same intensity, and Axun is aware for the first time of her chance to start something entirely new. Feelings once illicit which, fifty years ago, she was unable and forbidden to identify, force her to reassess her marriage and to embark on a journey of self-knowledge. When Maite invites her to the island of Santa Clara, Axun has to decide whether to obey her heart, or her reason.

Recommended contribution:
- Adults: 15 $
- Seniors (65+): 12 $
- Students: 10 $

To help cover the costs of the activities of the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney, we ask that you please pay the full recommended amount.
Title: 80 Egunean
Director: Jon Garaño, José Mari Goenaga
Year made: 2010
Format: DVD
Duration: largometraje - 105 min
More information at the Event Website

Sponsored by: Instituto Cervantes
Event Details:

Instituto Cervantes. 22-24 City Road. 2008 Chippendale NSW | See it in Google Maps
Date: 30 Jun  at 8 pm


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